What if the Big Bang was a Big Throw

DBK: You’re not a fan of the Big Bang theory. How does this comes?
Wolfmeyer: Philosophy asks itself the question of how something can be without any influence from religion, beliefs and views.
So if we take all the evidence that led to the Big Bang, then we have to allow an observation from the one-dimensional thinking of the 15th century, that is related to dice.
If we drop several dice onto a dice board from above, these dice will jump in all directions. So we throw these dice into space, then the same thing happens as with the planets after an assumed Big Bang, but only very slowly. If there had been a Big Bang, we would probably be even further away from other stars, planets and galaxies than we are today.


DBK: Since the universe expands in all directions, that speaks against a theory of dice that are thrown from above. Above all, who threw these dice into the universe?
Wolfmeyer: I actually wanted to hear this question next, because this is a serious point. If two dice meet in space, one of the dice will come back towards me if it hits the other dice exactly. This means that if I throw something into our universe, it can spread out in all directions and, even under ideal conditions, stay where it is.
The possibility of how mass got into our universe could be a worm hole or a black hole.

DBK: How can we imagine black holes? Is there a type of energy that pulls things into itself?
Wolfmeyer: I don’t see black holes as a source of energy, but rather as a cause of energy that is created between two universes. It’s like a drainage whirlpool that flows into the canal. As it flows out, the water serves to carry everything along, while here the gravity of the universes creates the so-called suction. This suction then develops a mixer that pushes masses together and chops, transforms, or clumps things together. Sometimes things remain completely undamaged, so they come out the other side exactly as they came in.

DBK: So our Earth could been passed through a black hole without being harmed?
Wolfmeyer: That is a theory that would be entirely possible. Now the question certainly comes: Could this earth have already existed in this form before it passed the black hole and the answer is YES. If other planets, like Earth, could exist in this universe, from which we were sucked, and were destroyed during the passage, then this answer is also YES.

DBK: So the idea that our Earth could have a much longer history would be conceivable?
Wolfmeyer: We have many things on this earth that don’t give us answers. Why were certain peoples more developed than others? Even if people keep reporting UFO sightings, we have to ask ourselves whether there is something like a mirage in space that shows us reflections of light from a time that no longer exists and is reaching us now. These reflections of light that came before were emitted somewhere for millions of years.

DBK: So some cultures could have observed this mirage many centuries ago and seen it as a sign from a god?
Wolfmeyer: That’s exactly what it’s about. At that time, the reflections were probably earlier on Earth than today and may have produced more detailed images than we perceive today. When we see these UFOs in photos, they are rather blurry and do not have clear contours. The phenomena directly on earth always have very clear contours, like a aurora over the poles.

DBK: You once mentioned that how we measure our units is a barrier to our development in understanding something. How can we explain, that our meter or kilogram does not correspond to the value in the entire universe?
Wolfmeyer: There is also a little Aha experience in my job world. I was employed by a company as a marketing employee who was also responsible for editing graphics and the department head was a Windows fanatic. So back then I had to do all the editing in Corell Draw and a Windows version of Photoshop. If you don’t know, you’ll now know, that Windows converts everything into inches in the background. So a small cube 1 cm by 1 cm became 0.3937 inches by 0.3937. Next, Windows rounded to 0.39 and every time you put these blocks together, 0.09 mm was missing. In other words, 1 mm was missing at 1 meter. This calculation error ran through all programs in Windows and it was impossible to get around this error with decimal places, because Windows rounded every decimal place back to inches, where it was before and rounded down or up always correcting the result to wrong again. Exactly this problem is our Earth, which is trying to adapt something for itself and in the strange operating system this creates a deviation that we simply ignore, cause the system on Earth seems to be pretty accurate.

DBK: But how come we don’t recognize this?
Wolfmeyer: People tend to see something that doesn’t exist. Like a circle, for example. A circle will never exist, but we see it. A circle consists of a polygon that we cannot see because our eyes are too lazy to see it real. Also a circle does not exist in the entire universe and we will discover more odd things than even things in the universe. Let’s assume the number 7. If we look for the number 7 in the universe, we will find it more often than the number 4. However, our penchant for balance does not allow this and we will keep looking for the number 4 until we have found an equal number of 7s and 4s. This pre-programmed bias keeps us from seeing the truth. If I say: After 1 comes 3.58264, everyone will look at me stupidly and ask if I’ve been drunk. We want linearity, which does not exist and never will exist in the universe. Every scientist, no matter what he comes across, always looks for the linearity we define and thus even distorts new findings through his obsession.

DBK: Will humanity manage to find its way out of this compulsion?
Wolfmeyer: I suspect that it will take another 100 years before we can correct our mistakes. Artificial intelligence may help us figure out these errors before we multiply the „Corel calculation errors on Windows“ and navigate even further away from the truth.

Jogy Thomas Wolfmeyer
Austrian Philosopher

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