How do you define the 4th dimension?

DBK: How do you define the 4th dimension and does one even exist?
Wolfmeyer: It used to be believed that the 4th dimension defined time.

My Understanding is that the 4th dimension is the meeting of negative and positive energy. If we look at a magnet, we see that two like poles repel each other and two unlike poles attract each other.
This is how we have to imagine the 4th dimension. There is a point where we find ourselves in the middle of one of these states in which time stands still. If we could overcome this barrier, we would be in a different reality. So it wouldn’t be a journey through time, but rather a change into an uncertain environment. I doubt whether we could survive in this environment. As for whether we can get there at some point, I would say YES.

However, I suspect that the first attempts will end in death for those who attempt this first.


DBK: If exploration is dangerous, should we stay away from it?
Wolfmeyer: In principle this would be sensible advice, but I don’t think people will stop them. There will be people who will make attempts in this direction, even against my advice. However, people must be aware that such research could also wipe out the entire planet if the experiment takes on a life of its own. Such an attempt is infinite and will also define the infinity that we have not understood yet.

You have to be aware of this danger. Perhaps these experiments should only take place when humanity is able to travel far away from Earth to carry out these experiments in a very long distance from our Earth.

DBK: Will we benefit from such technology, or will it cause harm?
Wolfmeyer: I think we already have experience with this question when we look at the atomic bomb. It can be to our benefit but also to our harm if we get involved with this technology. Any experiments should also be monitored very well.

Jogy Wolfmeyer
Austrian Philosopher

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